Are we all hyperconnected?

One early front runner for the title of the “YouTube of 2007” is a service called Twitter. Twitter enables you to broadcast to the world at large, via the Web or phone or instant message, tiny snippets of personal information: what you’re doing, what you’re about to do, what you just did, what your cat just did and so on.

Twitter does the Internet equivalent of splitting the atom. It creates a unit of content even smaller and more trivial than the individual blog entry. Expect the response to be suitably explosive.

I try to regulate my data intake: I don’t carry a BlackBerry, but I do carry a cell phone, and it has made me a rapacious consumer of text messages. I’ve become dismally fluent in typing on my cell phone’s keypad, one-thumbed, while walking.

Don’t get me wrong; I have a full-blown e-mail problem too. I frequently override the little notifier app that checks my G-mail for me once a minute because an e-mail could have arrived in the intervening 60 seconds.

More info:  Time magazine columnist


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