Stanford Close To A.I. Robots For Home

Stanford is getting close to creating a robot that can help you around the house. 

“Stair” is Stanford’s artificial intelligence robot project — a complex device, complete with switches, hard drives and wires that can be given a simple task, such as, empty the dishwasher. Then through artificial intelligence, analyize its surroundings and then figure out the best way to complete it, on its own.

Andrew Ng, Stanford Univ. Computer Science Prof. “In Stanford’s artificial intelligence robot project, our goal is within a decade to develop the technology to make it useful to put a robot in every home, a robot in every office.”

Michael Kanellos with CNET News says Japan is only about 3 or 4 years away from using robots in the home. 

More info:  California local television news article — video provided at link

One Response to “Stanford Close To A.I. Robots For Home”

  1. Ian Parker Says:

    Why does a robot have to carry all of its intelligence? Why not take out the disc drives and have a USB radio link to a desktop?

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