College to expand calorie restriction study

Reseachers at Washington University think restricting the calories we consume could greatly slow the aging process.

It is a diet where the object is not really about losing weight.  It’s followers call it “CRON, ” which stands for calorie restriction optimum nutrition.    

It isn’t easy, but it is simple—eat less,  usually 1400 to 2000 calories a day, while choosing foods high in nutrition.

Dr. John Holloszy led a team of Washington University researchers who studied calorie restriction in animals more than a decade ago. And what they found was the food restricted animals ended up living about 30% longer and it markedly decreased the incidence of all kinds of cancer.

But does calorie restriction work the same for humans?

Dr. Luigi Fontana has been monitoring a small group of people who were already following the CRON way of eating.  And they found their hearts appeared to be 15 years younger compared to their chronological age.

Now, Washington University researchers are looking for volunteers they can track from the start.

More info:  Fox News article


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