PopSci: Flying cars ‘not around the corner’

May’s issue of Popular Science sounds like a good one, according to a CNN International piece

The issue is dedicated to the future of cars, and includes concept vehicles created by the magazine in collaboration with designers, researchers, engineers and consultants from the auto industry.

Three trends seem be emerging, according to Popular Science automotive editor Eric Adams: a move toward vehicles powered by something other than gasoline, vehicles that are safer, and cars that take on more of the driver’s functions.

But alas, it seems the flying car will be far in the future, if it is in our future at all.  Here’s what Adams says:

“If some sort of…new technology emerges that can make the car safe, lightweight and able take off from very short distances and even vertically, then it’s possible the whole way we get from A to B is completely different. It’s like this seamless integration of air and ground maneuvering, and that’s a possibility.

“But, the stuff that we are seeing now that people are touting as flying cars is not possible. …

Bummer.  But here’s another cool link from the article:  Pick your favorite movie or TV car of the future.  The Blade Runner vehicle, above, is a favorite of mine.  The I, Robot car is cool as well.  Do you have a favorite?  Do you have one that is not listed?


One Response to “PopSci: Flying cars ‘not around the corner’”

  1. freejackie Says:

    I like the FreeJack cars. Cool designs, and they’re something you’d likely see in the future.

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