Nanotechnology turns heat on tumors in mice

Sacramento Bee article  describes the use of heat-generating nanotechnology that can destroy cancer cells in mice.

In a small lab tucked behind brick and glass near central Sacramento, Dr. Sally DeNardo is enlisting magnets, molecules and mice in the fight against breast cancer.

For the past four years, using increasingly potent little clusters of iron and antibodies, DeNardo has been testing a treatment to latch tiny metal fragments onto a tumor, then basically cook it to death.

The work, described in the March edition of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, has stopped tumor growth in some mice and slowed the cancer in others.

The treatment might be ready for very preliminary testing in humans in as little as two years, said DeNardo, a UC Davis professor of oncology and nuclear medicine. It’s too early to predict, though, when or whether the approach could take its place as one more weapon against a disease that has proved far wilier than doctors once hoped.


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