Are you at work right now?

Washington Post reports that nearly two-thirds of office workers who responded to a recent survey admitted to looking at Web sites for personal interest every day on company time.

And when they do, they said, they’re about as likely to look up encyclopedia entries as to discuss work or the boss.

More than four in 10 respondents said they went online several times a day to view blogs, photo-sharing sites or, most commonly, their Web-based e-mail. One in five of the respondents reports logging on once a day.

After e-mail and instant messaging sites, the most visited Web pages were online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia.


One Response to “Are you at work right now?”

  1. patlouise Says:

    don’t see anything wrong with using the computer during working hours,

    especially to look up words in the encyclopedia. just shows that we care

    about submitting a perfect (or near-perfect) report. as for the other look-

    ups, a little break now and then gives our brains a chance to unwind and

    therefore, work harder for the rest of the day.

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