‘Self-contained’ mega-city proposed in California

Los Angeles Times details the ambitious plan of a California entrepreneur to turn a vacant swath of land north of Bakersfield into a solar-powered, self-contained city of 150,000 people.

It would be built from scratch on 12,000 acres stretching about five miles.

About 50,000 houses and condominiums would be constructed in a village-like matrix with parks, offices and retail centers, and anchored by four “town centers.” Houses would be equipped with “smart technology” and new energy-efficient building materials.

No one would pay electric bills because solar power — including three 100-acre solar arrays — would produce 600 megawatts of power, enough to supply the city and export power to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. for use elsewhere in California.

People could commute to jobs via water taxi, plying a 300-foot-wide stream meandering about eight miles through groves and neighborhoods. The community would include a theme park, a convention center, a racetrack, an auto mall, industrial land, farms, houses, schools and a medical center.

Costs could reach $25 billion. Hays said building could begin as early as next year, though officials say that seems ambitious for such a large-scale project that is likely to face strong opposition from environmentalists and others concerned about increased traffic and pollution in the smoggy valley.

One Response to “‘Self-contained’ mega-city proposed in California”

  1. lanalou Says:

    Only in LaLa Land. Maybe, though, with no electrical bills one could

    afford a house . (ha-ha) Only the “rich can afford a decent home here.

    Parents here already know we will have to help our children buy their

    first home.

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