It’s not a rocket, it’s a pod


UK’s Telegraph reports that a dome-shaped house that looks exactly like a retro space rocket is preparing for lift-off at the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham today.

So if your dreams of colonizing Mars have become a hazy fantasy and you are happy instead to settle for a “low-impact” address on earth, get along to the NEC and take a look inside the Eco-Pod.

Porthole windows lend it the feel of a cabin on a plush boat, until you spot the space-saving “paddle” stairs ascending into a sleeping and living area with a circular plate-glass floor and cone-shaped Perspex ceiling.

Insulation is the core of this innovative build, which can either be connected to the mains electricity supply or generate its own energy. Solar panels heat the water, a wind turbine generates electricity and a wood-burning stove with a back boiler is in reserve for sunless days when there is no breeze. So efficient is the 80mm thick polyurethane foam in these walls that rarely will you shiver even in winter.

Add to this a water-harvesting system, an odourless dry lavatory, under-floor heating and hot-air recovery ventilation, and it looks sure to cut bills and considerably lower your carbon footprint.


One Response to “It’s not a rocket, it’s a pod”

  1. kaskiwynn Says:

    if you like living in a silo, I would venture to say you would like living in

    this “pod”. can this be the answer to this rapidly expanding world?

    May solve some global problems.

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