Spire’s plans tied to city park

The Chicago Tribune reports that the developer and architect of the Chicago Spire, a twisting skyscraper planned at the mouth of the Chicago River, hope to join a list of developers that have paid for city projects in exchange for more density for their developments.

The Spire’s developer is dangling before city officials an offer of substantial funding for the long-delayed DuSable Park. In return, Dublin-based developer Garrett Kelleher hopes to design the lakefront park, which is near the Spire.

In the Spire’s case, Kelleher is proposing a 2,000-foot tower–the tallest building in the nation–that is expected to house some 1,300 pricey condominiums.

“The developer needs to get a variety of zoning variances so there will be some kind of deal made,” Ryan said, referring to the project’s density. “[The park proposal] just sweetens the deal.”

The Chicago Plan Commission will review the Spire proposal April 19.


One Response to “Spire’s plans tied to city park”

  1. daviddorst Says:

    looks splendiferous!!!!!!! bring it on…….

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