Stem cell breakthrough may help leukemia victims

The Vancouver Sun reports of a potential breakthrough in stem cell research on laboratory mice that may eventually help cancer specialists develop better treatments for people with leukemia and other cancers of the blood system.

The study used blood stem cells — cells that can regenerate more blood cells — from the livers of two-week-old mouse fetuses.

Dr. Connie Eaves and her team at the BC Cancer Agency’s Terry Fox laboratory in Vancouver compared those embryonic cells with the blood stem cells of mice after birth.

They discovered the blood stem cells in fetal and adult mice are markedly different and switch dramatically to the adult type from the fetal type between three and four weeks after birth.


One Response to “Stem cell breakthrough may help leukemia victims”

  1. nickiel Says:

    yet another excellent reason we must continue with our stem cell research.

    with breakthru understanding of the whole process we can, and should,

    reach out and help those in need.

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