Medicine that talks

A Centre Daily article on “talking” medicine.

Time to take your pill.

You know it is because your cell phone or other hand-held electronic device just issued you a reminder in a text or voice message. Or maybe an alarm set on the cap of your medicine bottle chirped, re-setting for the next dose as you replace the cap.

A while later, as the pill makes its way through the digestive system and dissolves, a tiny radio chip attached to it emits a weak signal that’s recorded by a pager-sized sensor on your belt, documenting that the medicinal mission was accomplished.

The device may go on sending a wireless signal to your doctor or nurse, and may even update your Web-based electronic medical record.

If this all seems a bit of futuristic excess to ensure drug compliance, rest assured that all these technologies already exist and most are commercially available.

And the nagging may be needed. Studies indicate that only half to perhaps as few as a third of seniors take prescriptions as they’re supposed to all the time.


One Response to “Medicine that talks”

  1. read-on Says:

    talking pills would be “just what the doctor ordered” for all of our senior

    citizens who are living alone. true, many older ones forget to take their

    medications, due to senility or just not aware of their surroundings any-

    more. or do you think they just don’t care anymore?

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