World’s tallest residential tower to be built in Dubai

The Pentonium in Dubai will become the world's tallest residential tower

Plans for the world’s tallest residential tower – the Pentonium in Dubai – were unveiled today.

Trident International Holdings has partnered to create unique alliances with premium brands from across the world for its new 516 metre-tall tower, a development they describe as the ‘defined height of luxury’.

The top floors of this world’s only Pentominium will contain a Sky Lounge, Sky Pool, Business Centre and a private observation deck along with ladies & gentleman’s health clubs and a cigar lounge, squash courts, a banqueting hall and private theatre.

Each individual residential unit will take up a complete floor of the tower providing over 6500 sq.ft. of living space.  Each floor will have a private foyer of its own and smart biometric access control.

Taking the element of luxury living spaces to another level are entire floors which are uniquely suspended in mid air, giving the impression of floating penthouses in the sky.

More info:  24dash article


One Response to “World’s tallest residential tower to be built in Dubai”

  1. suminterest Says:

    sounds fabulous!! think that only the oil rich and european rich will be

    able to afford this lap of luxury. never been there, but heartell it’s a

    fantastic place. suspended floors sound very avant garde.

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