Kistler paving a way into space

Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on Rocketplane Kistler’s rise from bankrupcy and back into the space business. 

The view has changed, but not the dream.

From the top-floor offices of Kistler Aerospace at Kirkland’s Carillon Point, the sweeping view of Lake Washington with Seattle’s skyline in the distance was breathtaking.

And the dream was out of this world — develop a cheap, reusable rocket, something that giants such as The Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin had not done.

After a bumpy road, however, one that took the company deep into debt and then into bankruptcy, many wrote off Kistler.

But Kistler is back, although now in Oklahoma City. The former Kirkland-based company, in fact, is again building its K-1 rocket.

“So many people believed in this so strongly, and then it went dormant. A lot of them wanted back on the program, and now they are.”

That’s how Bob Seto, Rocketplane Kistler’s chief of staff, describes the excitement around the company these days.


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