Underwater Wind Turbines Tap River Energy

The largest test of a new type of power, called tidal turbines, is under way in New York City’s East River, with six 35-kilowatt turbines scheduled to be installed by mid-March in a channel that’s off-limits to large vessels.

As the 16-ft.-dia. rotors spin, as close as 6 ft. to the water’s surface, they’ll provide power to a supermarket and a parking garage. Once the test wraps up in June 2008, Virginia-based Verdant Power hopes to add hundreds more turbines, potentially reaching a total capacity of as much as 10 megawatts, enough to power 4000 homes.

Article:  Popular Mechanics


2 Responses to “Underwater Wind Turbines Tap River Energy”

  1. jazziej Says:

    harnessing power from water is true technology. time for all of us to

    develop natural ways to live our lives. kudos.

  2. Jill Green Says:

    What a good idea, as the sea is relentless and ALWAYS there – not like the wind and neither will these Turbines cause any noise or disturb the bird life. Keep trying – save our lovely world J

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