Massive Shanghai-style development planned in Liverpool

Peel's proposed Manhattan-style redevelopment of Central Docks

Liverpool’s derelict waterfront could be transformed to a world class development of skyscrapers that will rival the skylines of New York and Hong Kong.

The £5.5bn vision for the city includes 50 high rise buildings, some more than 50 storys. One of the skyscrapers would have a huge metal spiral running through it to harness wind from the River Mersey.

Liverpool Waters represents the largest investment in the north-west for more than 100 years and would create homes for up to 50,000 residents, as well as hotels, bars, restaurants and a marina. A futuristic monorail would link the city center with its airport.

Two of the largest towers would be constructed next to the neglected six-faced Jesse Hartley clock at the gateway to the city, which would be restored to its Victorian glory.

An outline planning application will be submitted by the company within 12 months. If approved, the development will be built in phases, expected to take between 20 and 40 years.

Photo at top links to video.  More info also available at the  Guardian.


One Response to “Massive Shanghai-style development planned in Liverpool”

  1. josephbarrett Says:

    plan sounds good, but will business and people be willing to locate on

    rundown area on the waterfront? good thing it is projected for next

    20 to 40 years, many of the planners might not be around to see it’s

    completion (if that happens, I have my doubts)

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