Eating less could help you live to 100

The quest to create an effective anti-aging pill receives a boost today from a study that sheds light on why eating much less can help people to live longer.

Studies in a wide range of species, from worms to mice and monkeys, have come to the same conclusion: eat all the nutrients necessary for a healthy life and cut calories to the bare minimum – half the normal daily amount – and you could extend life span by up to half, pushing well over a century, while cutting the risk of cancer, heart disease, and strokes.

Today, in the journal PLoS Medicine, another insight into how calorie restriction translates into a longer life is published by a team that has studied what happens in the body during these extreme diets. It is thought the effects could be mimicked with a ”long life” pill.

The team studied 36 healthy overweight but non-obese young people. A third of them received 100 per cent of their energy requirements in their diet; the calorie restriction group had their calorie intake reduced by 25 per cent; and the calorie restriction plus exercise group had their calorie intake reduced by 12.5 per cent and their energy expenditure increased by 12.5 per cent.

The researchers found that a 25 per cent calorie deficit for six months decreased the overall calories burned by the body, which suggests improved function of mitochondria, the “batteries” in cells.

Read more:  UK’s Telegraph


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