Bug-bot takes fantastic voyage

Swimming through blood

Isaac Asimov’s story about a voyage through the body on board a tiny research vessel is getting closer to reality, researchers say.

They have found a way to use the natural propulsion of bacteria to drive a micro-scale robot through liquid.  Such a device could one day deliver drugs or monitor places inside a person’s body dominated by fluid, such as the eyeball cavity, urinary tract or spine.

“We’re using Serratia marcescens, the kind of bacteria that cause pink stains on shower curtains,” says Metin Sitti, an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Navigating through those watery realms is no easy task for the tiny bacteria. At their size, moving through water is like swimming through treacle.

More info:  Discovery News


One Response to “Bug-bot takes fantastic voyage”

  1. julieanne Says:

    love to read the new and exciting updates on medical breakthroughs.

    this is something that can be utilized to truly assist in the care of the

    human body.

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