Fountain of youth overflows with hormones

San Diego Union Tribune on the use of human-growth hormone to prevent aging.

The dude in the newspaper ad is buff. The dude has guns. The dude has washboard abs, thick shoulders, a massive chest.

And the dude is 67.

From the neck up, he looks like your typical Social Security recipient. But thanks to something called Cenegenics, from the neck down he’s got the body of a 27-year-old linebacker.

The American Medical Association has warned doctors that it is illegal to dispense human-growth hormone for anti-aging purposes. Some experts warn that HGH therapy may cause considerable harm, such as raising the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Cenegenics gives human-growth hormone to 7 percent of its patients – those showing true deficits, it says. And regardless of the red flags being waved, Cenegenics and other companies are finding customers among middle-aged people who want to go toe-to-toe against aging.


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