Walking robot steps up the pace

BBC picks up the story on a humanoid robot who is teaching itself to walk and eventually run around a California research lab.

Dexter took its first tentative steps only a few days after it first discovered how to stand upright. Dexter’s designers say their robot differs from commercially available predecessors because it can learn from its mistakes.

It is the culmination of six years’ work by Anybots, an independent research group of three engineers.

Video of the robot is included at the link.


2 Responses to “Walking robot steps up the pace”

  1. dougyoung Says:

    amazing article and video. great idea and what minds these engineers

    must have to be able to build such a machine. learning more everyday

    reading your articles.

  2. inkblot earth Says:

    Robot Video: Dexter Biped

    Dexter is a humanoid robot created by Anybots. His design differs from robots like ASIMO in that instead of following a preprogrammed sequence of motor movements which produce a certain walk, it dynamically adjusts its gait in a fashion more

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