Ridge stabilizes Antarctic ice streams

Los Angeles Times reports that a vast undersea wedge of gravel and grit holds the ice streams of West Antarctica in place like a doorstop, even as rising seas caused by global warming threaten to undermine them.

The discovery may give the world a bit of breathing room.

A new radar survey of part of West Antarctica, reported in the journal Science, revealed a submerged bluff of glacial till miles long and 100 feet thick along the seabed at the point, called the grounding line, where the ice begins to float out over the water of the Ross Sea.


One Response to “Ridge stabilizes Antarctic ice streams”

  1. marcellaclark Says:

    happy to learn about the glacial till in west antarctica. although most of

    the living beings, penguins included, live near the shoreline, so they still

    might be endangered by global warming. it is still a huge problem.

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