Government tried to supress wine benefits — Doctor

Napa Valley Register reports that National Institutes of Health officials tried to supress findings in a 1974 study suggesting wine consumption helps prevent heart disease.

Hundreds of medical and scientific research studies have been published during recent years, all attesting to the benefits of red wine in association with health.

Most have involved studies on wine’s effect on the heart, but others have addressed such diseases as cancer, stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

But none of this would have ever been acknowledged if a little-known directive from the National Institutes of Health.

What was perhaps the most famous study regarding wine and heart health, the Framingham (Mass.) Study in 1974 revealed that the “big four” risk factors for heart disease are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking and abstinence from alcohol.

But when officials at the NIH commented on the study, they said, “Refer to only three major risk factors and remove all reference to alcohol. With all the abuse in this country, we must not say alcohol prevents (coronary heart disease). If you must comment on alcohol, say it has no effect.”


One Response to “Government tried to supress wine benefits — Doctor”

  1. frankly speaking Says:

    my, oh my, what would all the drug companies do if taking a glass of wine

    now and then took the place of a pill? “all” would suffer.

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