A rock star of biotechs plans IPO

The Boston Globe on news that Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge biotechnology company trying to parlay life-extension research into drugs for diabetes and other metabolic problems, hopes to raise up to $60 million in an initial public offering.

Founded in 2004, Sirtris quickly ascended to near-celebrity status in the biotech world based on the extraordinary promise of its research, which emerged from a Harvard Medical School scientist who found that a substance extracted from red wine could extend the lifespan of yeast. Since then, the red-wine extract, called resveratrol , has also been shown to prevent obese mice from developing health problems.

Sirtus is currently testing its own modiified version of resveratrol in people with Type 2 diabetes.

In going public so early in its history, Sirtris is bucking a recent biotechnology trend in which companies have steered away from initial public offerings.


One Response to “A rock star of biotechs plans IPO”

  1. Douglas Hanna Says:

    This looks very promising. We’ll just have to hope that when it comes to humans, it holds up better than taking antioxidants, which has just about been dismissed as an aid to life extension.

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