Group to create cityscape with human-like robots


An ambitious three-year European project called Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings (URUS) wants to create human-like robots that will roam city streets delivering goods and services, and serve as robo-cops to patrol areas for suspicious activity.

URUS will design and develop a robotic cityscape that accommodates wirelessly networked robots that autonomously perform tasks which may be too complex, time-consuming or too expensive to perform by humans.

European ancient cities are becoming difficult places to live due to noise, pollution, lack of quality facilities and security. The average age of people living in large European cities also is growing and in a short period of time there will be a large community of elderly people.

The program’s lead researchers will first demonstrate the networked robot system in a pedestrian area in Barcelona when the project is near completion.  Until then, researchers are working with a European consortium to perfect the technologies.

The project will create 10 unique robots capable of different tasks based on individual motion capabilities and types of sensors on board.  Most of the robots will interact with people, so researchers will design the robots with an intelligent robot head that is capable of human-like expression.

Will we see I Robot’s Sonny in the not-so-distant future?

Cited article:  Face of the Future


One Response to “Group to create cityscape with human-like robots”

  1. jcputnam Says:

    interesting concept, can they go haywire? not going to be on the streets

    in the near future? when, then? with all the money spent on buying

    these robots, can the city of Barcelona hire some “real” people for the

    job. or are all employed? sometimes we just think too much.

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