Adult stem cell study flawed, panel says

A scientific panel says a 2002 study that suggested adult stem cells might be as useful as embryonic ones was flawed and its conclusions may be wrong, a finding that raises questions about the promise of a less controversial source for stem cells.

The research by Catherine Verfaillie at the University of Minnesota concluded that adult stem cells taken from the bone marrow of mice could grow into an array of biological tissues, including brain, heart, lung and liver.

So far only embryonic stem cells, which are commonly retrieved by destroying embryos at an early stage of development, are known to hold such regenerative promise. Many scientists believe they might one day be used to treat certain diseases and other conditions.


One Response to “Adult stem cell study flawed, panel says”

  1. marywarner Says:

    living to 100 using embryonic stem cells, treating diseases. with the

    global warming and wars worldwide, cells will never be enough to

    prolong life. wake up world, go back, not forward. fix what’s wrong

    first, then and only then can we have lives that mean anything!

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