Will the videophone ever come of age?

The Guardian reports on the future of video phones.

Years of exposure to science fiction films and TV futurism should by now have convinced us that, eventually, we will all talk to one another using videophones.

However, companies have spent the best part of 40 years trying to sell them to us, and so far, they have not succeeded.


3 Responses to “Will the videophone ever come of age?”

  1. Paul Kelly Says:

    I have been in the desktop videophone business now for two years and it is a totally uphill struggle. People are apparently just not interested. I use one in business myself and even though I could be accused of stating the obvious, it has given me incredible global communication abilities that make doing business a lot easier. but try convincing others… I actually think it boils down to a simple but fundamental truth – we use the phone as a tool to lie a lot – “I’m stuck in traffic” = I left late for the meeting, “I need to finish off a presentation for tomorrow” = I’m going for a beer after work and I think this is now endemic in our cultural behaviour!

    Interestingly there are I believe about 3-4 million Video enabled mobile phones here in the UK but I have yet to see anyone making a 020 call to anybody anywhere! Movie clips and Music videos maybe but not video calls. I had thought the younger generation would use them for video calling but they seem to want to hide behind the anonymity of chat rooms and other forms of text messaging.

    I am actually now firmly of the opinion that they will never become mainstream and will always be just a sideline add on to business communication.

  2. Brian Kelley Says:

    I completely disagree with what you are saying, As a matter of fact, We have allready put over 50,000 of these into the United States over the last 6 months. Our company will have over a million of the video phones mainstream by 2009 and our cellular video phone isnt fair behind!

  3. Brian Kelley Says:

    Another comment i must post, Everyone is interested, they LOVE the idea of having the video phone!!!

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