Saviour of the planet – or a space-hopping hypocrite?

UK’s Independent columnist on Sir Richard Branson.

The latest “green” offering by Sir Richard Branson has much to commend it. If scientists can devise a sustainable and cheap way of capturing and storing the CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, it could amount to a huge breakthrough in tackling climate change.

But how does he square that with his desire to turn us all into an army of carbon-crazed space cadets?


One Response to “Saviour of the planet – or a space-hopping hypocrite?”

  1. Tia Pollard Says:

    I would like to think there is one great thing to save this earth, but that will be to man to the wars and put there engery else where….

    I would build a free standing structures filled with a substance like (charcole) which will fillter the air when air passes through the holes, leaving the co2 behind. kind of like a home brita water filteriing jug. This will take no power to run and the substance could be washed and reused…I would also see this to be used in a dam system to filter the rivers… It would be better if I could draw a picture….Thank you for your time..

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