Suicide prevention demands GM pull robot ad

Detroit News reports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention today demanded that General Motors Corp. pull its Super Bowl commercial depicting a former factory robot leaping off a bridge in a dream sequence.

The New York organization called the ad offensive and potentially dangerous, and wants the Detroit automaker to stop running the commercial on television and to remove it from its Web site.

“The General Motors ad is insensitive to the tens of millions of people who have lost loved ones to suicide,” said Robert Gebbia, executive director of the foundation. “The ad also suggests a troubling and potentially dangerous message that suicide is a logical and rational decision should one experience failure or lose their job.”


One Response to “Suicide prevention demands GM pull robot ad”

  1. jillian49 Says:

    hold on for a sec. i’m all for being thoughful and considerate of

    others, but some of those superbowl ads were terrible. like the one

    with the hitchhiker with the axe, “but he has some beer”. a lot of those

    ads were downright violent.

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