A Tricycle for Adult Situations

New York Times reporter test drives the  B.R.P. Can-Am Spyder Grand Sport Roadster.

Part car, part motorcycle and a whole lot of fun, the futuristic Spyder looks more like the love child of Henry Ford and Isaac Asimov than a creation from a Canadian maker of leisure-time vehicles.

The Spyders can reach 110 miles an hour, and in most jurisdictions will require a motorcycle or three-wheeler driver’s license. There will be two transmission choices: with a five-speed manual, the price is $14,999; with a five-speed sequential gearbox that deletes the clutch lever from the handlebars, the price is $16,499.

The Spyder will go on sale this fall in selected states, with wider distribution to follow.

Sinclair C5

In a related note, I also came across a different kind of hi-tech tricycle — the Sinclair C5, which was launched in 1985.  The battery electric vehicle unfortunately was riddled with problems and became a commerical disaster.  

The Sinclair C5 is shown below, and here’s a web site for Sinclair C5 enthusiasts:  www.sinclairc5.com



3 Responses to “A Tricycle for Adult Situations”

  1. James Lambert Says:

    The Sinclair C5 is pretty awesome. Maybe it was ahead of its time back in ’85. The company, if it still exists, should revamp the thing with today’s technology and put it back on the market.
    The Spyder is not too shabby as well.

  2. Richard Savary Says:

    The only problem I see with the BRP Spyder is – that it’s a motorcycle. It COULD be a 3-wheeler CAR. And it could be a car every bit as exciting as this motorcycle trike no doubt is, except that two people could sit side by side, and would sit LOWER than on the motorcycle type trike, which will certainly add to the sense of speed, without using quite so much of that speed. And there’d be a place to put a bag of groceries, etc. I’m thinking of the old Morgan trikes, which have been little more than a memory for a long time, and of a home-built/potentially manufactured trike with a Moto-Guzzi motor, which never quite got developed enough to be practical. And I’m thinking about fast, and and also very slow, rides through the New England countryside on warm Spring mornings… All that said, I believe that this layout, with 2 steering wheels up front and a single driver in back is more stable and sporting, by far, than the opposite layout often (but still not commonly) seen on the highways today. When turned, the front wheels bring the car around, rather than rolling it over, which I think is characteristic of the “single front steering wheel” layout. Actually, this format works very well, and should be an economical, extremely sporty CAR. But this is a step in right direction!

  3. jpqsat Says:

    Richard, the spyder does have grocery storage, there is a 48 liter compartment in the nose, it’s gigger than the solstice\sky roadsters. This in not a 3 wheels motorcycle, it’s a 3 wheels snomobile. Anyone who experience the thrill of leaning outside a snomobile in a high speed turn will know what this trike can make you feel.

    Now, if they can have it approved for driving with regular car liscense, i take one

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