Local robot’s sad Super Bowl story

Detroit News article on a lovable but clumsy robot who will get the boot from General Motors Corp. in the company’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

The 60-second spot, called “The Robot,” features a small robot working on the assembly line at the Grand River Assembly plant, where part of the ad was filmed.

The robot, an oddly-cute digital creation capable of contorting its nuts and bolts into human expressions, mistakenly drops a screw while working on the line making Cadillacs.

Quirky commercial, but it shows that robots are truly going mainstream.

One Response to “Local robot’s sad Super Bowl story”

  1. deltala Says:

    happy to read the article about the robot during the Super Bowl.

    It’s fun to know what’s coming and look for it. Sounds like GM

    is really trying to get back into the competitive market.

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