Getting Hydrogen Cars To Live Up to Their Hype

Washington Post article on how the Ford Edge, which will be unveiled at the Washington Auto Show today, is intensifying the competition to manufacture a mass-market electric hybrid that reduces reliance on gasoline and curbs the emission of greenhouse gases.

But the futuristic Edge vehicle is Ford’s only one, and it cost $2 million to build. To get a car like this into the showroom for sale to the public will require the automotive and energy industries to leap high technological hurdles.

The infrastructure to deliver alternative fuels such as hydrogen is in its infancy, and engineers are puzzling over how to mass-produce a lightweight, inexpensive and safe electric battery.


One Response to “Getting Hydrogen Cars To Live Up to Their Hype”

  1. Ford Parts News Says:

    What Online Consumers Say About The Ford Edge

    What do people have to say about the new Ford Edge? Here are some which have been posted at Yahoo! Autos.

    James From Los Angeles says:
    Took the Edge out for a ride and wow wow wow. And all at a price for less than the imports. Now that is valu…

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