Is nanotech the new Botox?

Nanoparticles are already marketed in cosmetic skin products to reduce wrinkling, but a new approach highlighted in Chemistry World could stop wrinkling before it starts.

Researchers who discovered that nanoparticles prevent thin polymer films from buckling say their concept could also be applied to stop human skin wrinkling. 

Although skin is much more complicated than a polymer film, researcher llsoon Lee believes that both heated film and aged skin wrinkle permanently because they stiffen up more than the soft plastic or dermis below them. The same effect is seen in dried fruits, when thin dried skin stiffens over a soft interior. 

A wrinkle-free film could be sandwiched between protecting layers, to be used in artificial skins for surgery, or implanted onto a face.

A much more applicable route could involve a topical cream containing materials which act in human skin as the nanoparticles behave in thin films. 

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