Sweat lodges gaining in popularity

Washington Post on the growing popularity of sweat lodges.

The goal of a good sweat experience is to calm the inner mind, express gratitude for what we already have and state as clearly as we can what we want to accomplish or change about ourselves, from the inside out.


2 Responses to “Sweat lodges gaining in popularity”

  1. annieg Says:

    my oh my. just what was in the air? happy gas?

  2. David Wonderlin Says:

    It’s nice to see a news report on something like this, where the report comes directly from the experience of the reporter. Time and time again, I have witnessed coverage of ceremonies that occured from outside the circle. Almost invariably, the description of the ceremony is alienating to that experience, and in too many instances, it has been disrespectful. I commend Ms. Carr for the courage it took to go into what can be for many, a scary experience, and taking that look inside herself that so many of us spend most of our lives trying to avoid. Thankk You.

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