“Who wants an ugly, stupid kid?”

BRAVE NEW WORLD UPDATE:  FDA investigating Texas embryo business

The above quote is attributed to the obviously classy Jennalee Ryan, the person who runs the Abraham Center of Life. 

The center, which is now under investigation, produces batches of ready-made embryos and lets prospective parents select one based on the donors’ looks, ethnicity, education and other factors.

An FDA spokesperson would not eleborate on why her in-home business is being investigated.


2 Responses to ““Who wants an ugly, stupid kid?””

  1. evelyn90 Says:

    read with interest your article on the embryo business in Texas.

    Jennalee had me until “ugly, stupid kid”. first, anyone who refers

    to a child as a kid has no class in my opinion. I really don’t see

    anything wrong with what she is doing, but clean up your mouth


  2. east of eden Says:

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    Very actual information about east of eden.

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