Weekend Reader — Jan. 13-14, 2007


Monster bunnies to help feed North Korea Spiegel (Germany)

Genetically modified chickens could produce cancer drugs Metro (UK)

Teeny-Weeny Rules for Itty-Bitty Atom Clusters — New York Times

Tech firms improving instead of inventing Washington Post

Watchdog refuses to allow hybrid embryos The Guardian

Virgin space cadets to earn stripes The Sydney Morning Herald

Japan’s pioneers of new space age Japan Times

It’s high time for Japan to ride space tourism wave Japan Times

Scientists see dazzling future The Raleigh News and Observer

Longevity research gets better with age The Baltimore Sun


DNA-tailored medicine moves into mainstream — Scientific American

Hands-on with the world’s tiniest robot — MSNBC

CES – Robots pick up socks, patrol the house, take photos Scientific American

Cold, snow hit southern California — ABC News LA

California winter blast costs millions Los Angeles Times

Telemere length may predict heart disease risk Forbes

Silent Aircraft Initiative unveils concept — Product Design and Development

Autonomous surveillance device deemed effective  Trade Arabia

Resvertrol inhibits tobacco inflammation — M-Prize

Light converting cables could power nanobots Daily Tech

Use of virtual reality spreading in business world  St. Paul Pioneer Press


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