Cloning opens door to ‘farmyard freaks’

Daily Mail article on scientists who are actively investigating ways to remove the stress and aggression gene from animals, effectively turning them into complacent zombies.

One critic said it might become technically possible to produce “animal vegetables” – beasts which are “highly prolific and oblivious to their physical and mental status.”


One Response to “Cloning opens door to ‘farmyard freaks’”

  1. nicolaspl Says:

    scary beyond belief! what is this world coming to now? Poor Dundee

    is living in a fenced prison. picture taking our children to the farm to

    see all the cute animals. we would probably run into Dr. Moreau. Is

    that what is next? leave things alone people. just give the animals a

    tranquilizer and call it good. can’t hurt us anymore than eating these

    cloned “creatures”.

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