Time for a Change?

Smithsonian Magazine article on Johns Hopkins University professor who wants to change the most widely used calendar in the world.  Our current calendar has not changed since 1582.

Using computer programs and mathematical formulas, Henry has created a standard calendar that is identical from year to year. It is twelve months long and consists of 364 days. January 1, no matter the year, would always fall on a Sunday. So would Christmas.

Henry believes the new calendar could have a major economic impact on the world, saving an “enormous amount of money.” 

Productivity is wasted when every year numerous organizations like sports teams, schools, and businesses have to renegotiate their schedules. Millions of trees would be saved as well because new paper calendars would not need to be printed. “All of this,” he insists, “would vanish completely if my simple system were adopted.”

Hallmark may have a beef with this idea.


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