Another sign of global warming???

University of Minnesota, the home of sometimes frigid fall temperatures, this week opts for new open-air football stadium and ditches temperature-controlled indoor arena.  Somebody call Al Gore…

The Metrodome, the university’s current stadium.


6 Responses to “Another sign of global warming???”

  1. Brian Says:

    At least they can take advantage of their beautiful skyline by doing it that way.

  2. futuresheet Says:

    yes, absolutely. And it seems like a beautiful stadium. A huge improvement.

  3. maria Says:

    I agree with everyone, it is a beautiful stadium. But, have you ever

    been in Minnie in the winter? I have, and had my tears literally freeze

    on my eyelashes at one time. give me a “dome” anytime there.

  4. shelbycockrell Says:

    I agree. They are taking full advantage of a great landscape.

  5. Kaleidoscope Says:

    The winter temperatures here in Kuwait are much colder than they have been for many years (reaching around 1C) which is highly unusual for a dry flat desert country in the Middle East.

  6. mybugmoua Says:


    oh lordies. we have the hmong new year in the metrodome in the dead of winter. that’ll mean, no more hmong new year there….

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