Roomba a ‘surprise hit Christmas present’

Washington Post article on how irobot’s Roomba is leading the robot invasion:

This week, women all over America – and not a few men – are cooing and doting over their surprise hit Christmas present. They swoon when it hides under the couch and plays peekaboo. When it gets tired, it finds its way back to its nest, sings a little song and then settles into a nap, its little power button pulsing like a beating heart, on, off, on, off.

It’s as cute as E.T., as devoted as R2D2, more practical than a robotic dog and cheaper than some iPods…

So, a note to future historians: Not only are our helpful robots no longer the preserve mainly of gear-heads and toy-freaks. This is the year for a lot of mainstream American families that our robots emotionally became one of us.


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