Welcome to the Transgenic Pharm


China’s first transgenic pigs, yet to be named, today joined the ever-growing Transgenic Pharm that was started in 1997.  In less than 10 years, we now have tons of transgenic mice, some sheep, pigs, goats, salmon and, of course, zebrafish now trademarked as GloFish.  Transgenic animals supposedly help mankind through better agriculture, medicine and industry.  I think the jury is still out.

Transgenic mice that carry the piggyBac transposon

Transgenic mice that express red fluorescent protein.
The mice were created by Tian Xu and his colleagues at Fudan
University in Shanghai, China.

Flourescent green version.

 Annie, first transgenic cow clone, created by USDA and University of Virginia in 2000. Annie’s cells offer a biotechnological defense against mastitis disease.

Tracey, a transgenic sheep created in 1999
by the Roslin Institute to produce a human
protein to treat cystic fibrosis.


Nexia Biotechnologies in 2002 created
transgenic goats to produce spider silk.

A GM salmon and a non-GM one at the same age
Transgenic salmon.  Made to grow extremely fast to
reach market quicker.  Could be in grocery stores in

And as of yet, the first transgenic species
sold as a pet:  the GloFish.  Comes in
three colors.  The transgenic zebrafish was
created in 1999 by National University
of Singapore researchers.

First transgentic cloned pig, at left.  Researcher used yellow mutant 
as a marker to show that foreign genes can be expressed in transgenic swine.


3 Responses to “Welcome to the Transgenic Pharm”

  1. Marieke Says:


    I think it’s very good that the found these medicin and those other things. And if those Glofish become legal in Holland oneday.. I’ll buy them instantly!!
    But.. That still doesn’t change my opinion about testing on animals.. I bed not al these test were succesfully finished..


  2. Marieke Says:

    By the Way,,

    Thank you very much for this site..
    I have a Englisch test in a few days,, and I didn’t had any idea’s for my speech supject.. But I have now!!

    So, thanks again.. I hope I’ll pass :s


  3. ashley Says:

    wow really helpful!!! just what i was lookin for!

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