Virtual reality shocker

Nature article on scientists who recreated a famous ’60s experiment where volunteers were told by an authority figure to deliver electric shocks to another person as punishment for incorrect answers to a test.  The volunteers did what they were told to do.

In the present-day new experiment involving a virtual reality woman, the group from whom the virtual woman was hidden delivered shocks up to the maximum voltage.  Those who could see her were more likely to stop before reaching this limit.

So the result?  People today evidently have more empathy for a virtual reality woman than a real person back in the ’60s.  That is pretty shocking.


One Response to “Virtual reality shocker”

  1. maria Says:

    Ridiculous article. why would anyone, experiment or not, take

    any instructions to the full and knowingly shock anyone who did

    not know the correct answers to questions. it blows my mind why

    anyone would partake or be involved with this kind of behavior.

    isn’t there enough violence in our society today, without us conducting

    this under a guise of “learning” about our fellow man? Oh well, does not

    surprise me, this country spends money on such worthless things.

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