New Wraith wows them in L.A.

Just take a look

Los Angeles Times on new motorcycle called the Wraith that is set for production in February 2007.  Given that this is the L.A. Times, the review contains casual references to celebrities and wishes of being famous.  Disregard this and check out of the video at the link.

From the article:

“The multi-link carbon fiber girder fork wasn’t just smooth, it was fun to watch in action, as it moved up and down taking L.A.’s raggedy streets in stride. The rear shock, meanwhile, was connected to the rear aluminum bulkhead with the actual seat mount integrated in the backbone. The result is an optical illusion: The saddle appears to be floating. “


One Response to “New Wraith wows them in L.A.”

  1. RobertG Says:

    Read with interest on the Wraith. Fuel pump on the bottom? What

    if it’s driven over a bump? Anything to wow LA and the celebs. But,

    kudos to the company for coming back from bankruptcy and Katrina.

    Wish them well, it will probably be a huge success. Has many problems

    to fix before production.

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