Is Geron one step closer to anti-aging pill?

Geron Corp. reports success from its experimental telomerase inhibitor drug for cancer treatment.  Telomeres are DNA strands at each end of a cell’s DNA that become shorter as each cell ages.  Although cancer treatments are currently at the forefront of Geron’s research, they are also in the anti-aging business.

Geron downplays this aspect of their research because if they are utlimately successful, they could have a anti-aging drug on their hands that could significantly extend life.  But before they can restore telemeres and potentially increase life spans, they have to find a way to inhibit them so cancer does not form.

Long ways to go, but this is good news indeed:

The study shows “a substantial synergistic effect” of Geron’s treatment and radiation on breast cancer cells in test tubes and in mice bearing human breast cancer.  The treatment is made to attack the stem cells thought responsible for cancer relapses.

One Response to “Is Geron one step closer to anti-aging pill?”

  1. RobertG Says:

    Geron should work on getting this drug approved so it could be

    used for cancer treatment. But, let’s face it, I’m sure my opinion

    is “almost” universal. Drug companies are making far too much money

    to come up for a “cure” for cancer. A little bit at a time.

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