Can a pill add 30 years to your life? We’ll soon find out

Men’s Health on the discovery of the new protein, called klotho:

Mice with extra klotho lived as much as 30 percent longer than normal mice.  What’s more, these mice developed age-related diseases later in life. In fact, when injected with the protein, relatively normal mice who had already developed age-related disease saw the symptoms of those diseases diminish, as if they were suddenly 30 percent younger.

The implications of these findings are, of course, immense. That one protein can have such a widespread effect has enormous potential clinical applications.  These applications are years away, however, because klotho is a very large protein and difficult to synthesize into a drug.


One Response to “Can a pill add 30 years to your life? We’ll soon find out”

  1. healthnag Says:

    I’d rather live longer by making good, healthy choices. The whole drug industry gives us an excuse to live how we want but we’re still ending up sick and dead in the end anyway it’s just a bandaid over an infected wound, it’s not going to help. Say no to bandaids and yes to not getting cut in the first place!

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