Tilden confirms work on 5-foot tall robot

CNN interviews Mark Tilden, WowWee developer of the Robosapien brand  — Here’s Tilden:

“We are working on a 5-foot tall robot … the first time we tried it out, it crashed through the plate glass window of a neighboring office. The robot is life-size, but its feet are massive. It has a battery life of 168 hours, which means it can go down to the supermarket, pick up a pack of cigarettes and get back without dying half way through the trip.

The problem is, how do we sell this? (Consumers) have gotten used to our entertainment robots, but larger robots scare people — this is something that technically can’t be considered a toy. Unfortunately, it looks too much like the robot from “I-Robot.”

Robots have a bad rap…we’re hoping the Robosapiens will change that attitude and pave the way for larger robots.”

Here’s an interesting link on a Robosapien forum back in February of this year, where the question is posed, “Is WowWee the company that will ultimately make Sonny? 

Interesting if Tilden is trying to get there, albeit not for a few years… 


2 Responses to “Tilden confirms work on 5-foot tall robot”

  1. Doug in Cali Says:

    So is this the Robosapien V3? Or is this the V4 version? But, Tilden

    also sounds like this may never go to market.

  2. jordan Says:

    when will this robot be released

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