Resveratrol only the beginning – Sinclair

Boston Globe features Harvard assistant professor David Sinclair and his landmark study of resveratrol.

But Sinclair says resveratrol is only the beginning. His lab has apparently designed molecules that are even more potent and could ease the burdens of growing old with lower doses.

“Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, Alzheimer’s,” says Sinclair. “We aim to treat diseases of aging with a single pill. I want to see 90-year-olds play squash with their grandchildren.”


One Response to “Resveratrol only the beginning – Sinclair”

  1. maria c. Says:

    a pill to “stop” the aging problem? when was cancer and diabetes

    a disease of older folks? sure, it would be great to be a spry 90

    but talk about the social security shortage then? who would take

    care of the elderly? maybe, though, the new retirement age would

    be 85. leave your comments please, this could be interesting.

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