U-M takes small step to broaden stem cell research

The University of Michigan takes the initiative to create a small lab where scientists can use private funds to work with newer embryonic stem cell lines not approved for federally funded research.  Although Michigan law limits embryonic stem cell research, UM scientists are pressing forward. 

In related news, the announcement apparently has not impressed U.S. college football coaches because the school is still not invited to the NCAA national championship  game.


One Response to “U-M takes small step to broaden stem cell research”

  1. nadine Says:

    cheers for the University of Michigan working on stem cells. How

    valuable this is. More info please. Michigan not going to the

    Championship is only because the “voters” didnot think an all

    Big Ten game would draw many viewers. Ohio State and Michigan

    are, without a doubt, the 2 best teams in the nation. Ohio State

    will decimate Florida. comments, please, what do you think?

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