Household robot gaining in popularity, sales

The Mercury News on how sales of household robots, including the Roomba, are rising.  The article, unfortunately, also includes the obligatory reference to Rosie the Robot and the Jetsons:

This holiday season some consumers may get their first glimpse of what a here-and-now household robot can do when they see the Roomba robot vacuum on sale in many stores.

Sales of the little round Roomba, a platter-sized disk that whirs around carpets to help clean house, surpassed two million units earlier this year. Developed by iRobot of Burlington, Mass., the Roomba is not yet a huge hit — but it’s still trouncing competitors to become the dominant player in the nascent consumer robotics market.


2 Responses to “Household robot gaining in popularity, sales”

  1. nadine Says:

    I love my roomba. I put in on when we all go to bed. Can’t believe

    it hasn’t been “sweeping” the world with sales. but. so happy to read

    something about it. Haven’t found any articles before about this.

  2. nadine Says:

    enjoyed your article on “my” Roomba. I love mine, use it at

    night while in bed. It does a great job and can’t understand

    why it isn’t more popular. Anyone out there have one? let me


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