LA Times: Resveratrol could be ‘the’ chemical for 21st century America

Los Angeles Times on Saturday opines on latest resveratrol findings  There evidently has been some additional changes to the Times’ editorial staff.  They’ve hired Billy Crystal’s Fernando Lamas as its editorial writer. 

This is shallow stuff, folks.  Let’s hope young people in California, who are already being inundated from our media about the need to be thin, aren’t reading the LA Times.  To the Times board, being thin seems to be paramount, regardless of whether you’re actually healthy or not:

“What the latest research has found is that fat mice that guzzle red wine — or at least the resveratrol found in it — can stuff themselves silly with the rodent equivalent of KFC extra-crispy and live longer and healthier than fat mice that don’t. They showed no harbingers of such obesity-related ailments as diabetes, heart disease or liver dysfunction. In fact, they were as lively, agile and long-lived as mice that were fed a sort of Whole Foods diet.

“The only problem: They were still fat mice.”


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