How are Robosapiens selling this weekend?

Anyone in the mood for a little gorilla tactics regarding this weekend’s sales of the Robosapien brand?  Today is “Black Friday” and shoppers are out in full force.   WowWee has done a major marketing push for Robosapien II, and I’m wondering if it is working.  If anybody happens to be out at BestBuy, Sharper Image, Toy R Us, etc. today and this weekend, please ask the attendants how they’ve been selling and report back to the comments section. 

If you happen to work at one these locations, please let us know anonymously how sales are going.  I think we’d all like to see sales go well because we eventually want to see a Robosapien V3 on the market, but we want to hear all unofficial sales reports, good or bad.

And to our friends in the UK and Australia, how are sales of the new RS Media going?  Thanks all.


One Response to “How are Robosapiens selling this weekend?”

  1. techie Says:

    For what it’s worth, no Robosapien products appear in’s top 100 best-selling toys. Fur Real Cuddle Chimp currently ranks 65th and Tekno The Robotic Puppy is 75th.

    Maybe Robosapiens are too expensive for most people. Haven’t had a chance to visit any tech stores this weekend to find out if the V2’s are selling there.

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